I am a 21 year old History and Political Science student from the United States, with a concentration in International Relations (in regards to Political Science) and Early Islamic History (in regards to History). Other interests of mine include, to name but a few. Economics, Constitutional Law/History, Historical Foreign Policy, Roman History, and American Revolution History.

I created this blog primarily to share my thoughts on political topics, both current, and historical, and offer up solutions, as a way to get my ideas out there into the world via category 5 cables.

This blog’s motto is sapientia veritas nostra, wisdom is our truth. “For I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed” (Meditations, Book VI, Section 21), said the Roman Emperor¬†Marcus Aurelius.

My main rule for this blog is to cite everything. Political pundits often, from what I have seen, don’t cite their sources, rather they spew out rhetoric and one-liners that gets people applauding. I, on the other hand, am not that kind of person. Everything will be sourced at the bottom of each post.