Solving the European Refugee Crisis: A Simple Guide

The refugee crisis in Europe could be solved, with or without the whole Brexit referendum that recently happened. And here’s a simple guide in doing just that.

#1: Stop funding and arming rebel groups attempting to overthrow the Syrian government. Since at least 2013 (and maybe back even further), the CIA has been funding and arming the Syrian rebels [1], even though the rebels themselves say that they haven’t even received a lot of the shipments.[2] Throughout 2013/2014, reports of war crimes from Syrian rebels emerged, and this was weeks, even months before more arms from the CIA started funnling.[3] In April 2014, Free Syrian Army commander Jamal Maarouf admitted tat his forces often conducts joint operation with Jabat Al-Nusra, Al-Queda’s branch in Syria.[4] This even goes further back to where, in June 2013, the FSA’s Northern Front commander, Colonel Abdel Basset Al-Tawil, admitted to working with Al-Nusra and wanted Syria to be ruled with shariah law.[5][6] Furthermore, in November 2013, FSA Colonel Abdul Jabbar al-Oqaidi said in an interview that relations between the FSA with ISIS were good and even supported them in the 2012-2013 siege of the Menagh military air base.[7] And its not just us. Our allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar hitting the spotlight for a lot of it, have been supplying Syrian rebel groups with weapons, that eventually end up in the hands of ISIS and its affiliates.[8] This has caused nothing but chaos and destruction. Money being funneled into these shady operations should be immediately redirected to an intensive reconstruction effort.

#2: Pressure Turkey and Jordan to cut off supply routes that ISIS exploits for the use of oil and the flowing of foreign fighters (this especially is for Turkey) and withdraw foreign aid on a country that allows the sale of oil from ISIS territory and/or allowing money and materials to reach them.[9] In other words, break their supply chain, caused by the consequences of pipeline politics in Syria.[10]

#3: I say this one with some hesitation, but support the Syrian government. About five months of airstrikes against ISIS between August 2014 and January 2015 have only helped expand ISIS territory rather than decrease it.[11] And at least several former top military officials even admitted that the airstrike strategy isn’t working. Ret. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the former chief of staff of the Army argues that you can’t defeat ISIS without more boots on the ground and Bruce Riedel, a veteran CIA officer and terrorism expert says that traditional counterterrorism intelligence analysis don’t work, as ISIS infuses itself with civil wars in places like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Sinai .[12] And while I am inclined to agree that boots on the ground are needed, it should be Arab boots on the ground. ISIS in Iraq is nearly finished, this is true (they just need Mosul and several other small towns). But after Iraq is free of ISIS control, there is still Syria to be taken care of. We might not like Assad, to be sure, but the majority of the citizens of Syria support him. Actually, Assad has more support within his country than Obama or Congress have in America.[13] Any government installed after American backed regime change will be viewed as a puppet government by the locals, and will thus lack the legitimacy needed to stabilize the region. If one needs evidence of this, look no further than Afghanistan and Iraq.

#4: Provide assistance (preferably private assistance, the government does not manage its money very well) to rebuild housing, infrastructure and businesses destroyed by the conflict. This assistance should come in the form of temporary refugee camps, food, medical supplies, etc.

#5: Return the refugees to these regions once they are stabilized. Its in no one’s interest to flood Europe with refugees, only to cause economic problems to the European Union (which is already in a slump as it is)[14], and as a consequence, only strengthen xenophobic movements. These people don’t need to be sent into the ghettos of Europe, they need their homes back.



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