Songs of Daesh, Part IV

This video (and song) are legitimately scary. This is no run-of-the-mill recruitment video that that have often released in the past, painting the glory of the “caliphate” and fighting for “honor”. This is sicking, and yet, it rings true. The video is question is ISIS’s recent french nasheed music video produced by Al-Hayat, titled “Sang Pour Sang”, or in English “Blood for Blood”. Unlike all other nasheeds released up until this point, this one is sung not by adult males, but by a group of children.

The video too, presents a child, walking through the rubble of an unknown city, likely in Syria by the looks of it, as clips of various videos of Western leaders and the carnage of the Syrian civil-war overlay and paint the landscape along with blocks of the song’s translated lyrics in English. The shocker is the transition when the child stumbles upon a lone bullet, investigating it, and then the scene changes to a tree-filled grassy area where that same kid is investigating another bullet, which he then loads in his assault rifle.

The rest of the video ten shows nearly a dozen children, receiving military training, being taught how to shoot, marching in uniform, and gearing up in said uniform.

The song itself sounds like a lullaby, in a way, remorseful sometimes filled with a (literally) childish anger, but the lyrics contrast that lullaby image. Their message concerns our involvement in the area, specifically our aerial campaign, while ignoring the death of countless innocents and orphaning children, who are then approached by groups like ISIS and recruited, filled with hate and want for revenge. As I have stated before, our military interventions and actions around the world, no matter how good our intentions, always have blowback, and this is part of it. No, I am not putting the entire American people or military at fault, save for a few bad apples (as in the case of Abu Ghraib), rather I am pointing the blame to American policy makers, both Republican and Democrat, who over the past 80 years have brought fourth the conditions for things like ISIS to happen.

Blood for Blood lyrics:
You grant yourselves the right to massacre us
In the name of your so-called precious freedoms
Your goods, your lives, to us none of it is sacred
Your blood will flow for your heinous crimes

While your fighter jets bomb and destroy
Your intellectuals look on without shame
Your media conceals all the atrocities
Our dead are not worth being mentioned

You are murders, manipulators
Lying is the hallmark of your speakers
Beware, we have what we need to defend ourselves
Well-armed soldiers are ready to kill you

Your laws allow collateral damage
Your soldiers kill our children, and you call them heroes
You weep bitterly for a few dead
As for the thousands you killed, you show no remorse

You fool the world with your eloquence
While legalizing your delinquency
Beware, we are ready to fight back
Our swords are sharpened to slice necks

Beware, men are ready to blow themselves up
Ready to respond to the evil you have brought
Beware, your roads will soon be rigged with mines
By well-trained and determined brothers

Beware, your end is already planned
Our warriors are everywhere, ready to sacrifice themselves
Beware, our orphans are growing
They feel their thirst for revenge in rage


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