Songs of Daesh, Part II

Each of these nasheeds are divided by a common message that they share, of which I will go through each of these categories one by one. 1) Encouraging “pilgrimage” to ISIS territory, 2) Encouraging to fight on behalf of ISIS, 3) Warning their enemies of dire consequences, 4) Praise the establishment of the caliphate.

I want to present excerpts of the lyrics from some of the nasheeds in order to understand what we are up against [hence the reason why I sometimes quote directly from ISIS material in some of my previous posts]. As the military strategist Sun Zu noted: “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

Category 1: Encourage
The encouragement nasheeds are often featured in music videos created by Al-Hayat. The French nasheed, excerpted below opens up with a portion of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s sermon in Mosul to “incite the believers”, leading into a French Muslim on his journey from France via plane to sneaking across what spears to be the Syrian-Turkey border and ending up fighting with fellow ISIS fighters. In contrast, the Uyghur nasheed shows fellow Muslims within the caliphate, painting a utopian vision within. A calm and soothing melody sings with strength and one of longing for the glorious return of the caliphate.

Extend Your Hand to Pledge Allegiance (French)
The banner is flying
The caliphate has come
How long have we dreamed of it
The time for hijrah has come

We lost our dignity and honor
If we choose to live like cowards
We strengthen our unity
If we fight with persistence

Our enemies are in a severe terror
They want to exterminate us
Let us be ready to make sacrifices
And let us get prepared

Come My Friend (Uyghur)
Come my friend, the caliphate has been established now
Happiness and joy for the people of faith today
We praise Allah who granted us a manifest destiny
Glory and honor, how long have we been waiting for this day

We were lost hundreds of years without a head nor a leader
The Muslims were low, servile, and homeless without a place
Now Allah provided us with the caliphate, with glory and honor
They did not leave the blood of the martyrs in vain without gains

Come my friend, the truth is with this caravan
Be a handful of clay in a single brick
We home to be a fortress altogether
We want our Caliphate to lead us on this path of truth

Category 2: Fight
Although the Chinese nasheed does not have a video with it, it essentially tells the story of what ISIS calls “a century of slavery” brought against the Chinese ethnic groups, the Uighurs and Hui, both of which are predominately Msulim and reside within the Xinjiang and Qinghai provinces of China. The German video, on the other hand, did come with a music video highlighting and encouraging potential terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Australia, the U.K., and the USA, encouraging the slaughter of the “kuffar” (non-Muslims) within their own countries, encouraging homegrown terrorism.

We Are Mujahid (Chinese)
A century of slavery
Leaves that shameful memory
Deep in the ignorant slumber
The nightmare will continue on

We are mujahid
Our shameless enemy will panic
To die fighting on the battlefield
Is our dream

To fight in God’s way
Is the Great Allah’s command
Take up weapons to fight
Admire Allah’s truth

Wake up Muslim brother
Now is the time to awaken
Take up the faith and courage
To fulfill the lost doctrine

Fisabilillah (German)
Now listen your dogs of hell
This is a message
And more are going to follow
This is just the beginning

Take revenge for the messenger
For our sisters
For our noble brothers
And all the martyrs

Your neighbor is a kafir
Slandering the messenger
Take a big knife
And give him what he rightly deserves

Category 3: Warn
These nasheeds of warning pack a big punch. They are directed to French and Russians respectively, but can be applied in a broad sense to any and every one of their enemies. Their content speaks for themselves and needs no explanation.

For Allah (French)
For Allah, we have chosen only
To kill with hearts of joy
We will kill you without mercy
Between you and us, there is enmity

For Allah, we have chosen only to terrorize you
We smashed your dreams and projects
Soldier or simple citizen
We kill all through any means necessary

For Allah, we chose to wear belts
To explode in the middle of the impure
In the crowd, we pull the switch without hesitation
You no longer live in security

Soon Very Soon (Russian)
O filthy kafir
You are not brave at all
The sound of your voice
Has been silenced

We will make your wives
And make your children
Our slaves
These are our words

In your major cities
We will corner you
You won’t be able to escape
Nor spread your corruption
You will live a life of humiliation
In the hereafter
Hellfire awaits you

Category 4: Praise
This first one was the most recent nasheed video released by Al-Hayat. It tells a story of what ISIS views as “oppression” before their rule, and what they created after their rule, their self-claimed utopia. The second one was released as a music video at the end of an ISIS made documentary promoting their new currency and extols the “soldiers of Allah”.

Make Takbir O Muwahid (Uyghur)
The religion thrived
Likewise by the blood of the muhajrin
And today there has emerged
The dawn of the caliphate

Oh you whose heart is split
Do not have any doubt
There is no oppression today
In this caliphate

And this victory is looming
And the religions nobleness is manifest
For there has been established with clarity
The caliphate today

For The Sake of Allah (English)
For the sake of Allah
We will march to the gates
Of the paradise
Where are our maidens await

We are men that love death
Just as you love your life
We are the soldiers that fight
In the day and the night

O my brothers Jihad is the way
To bring back the honor
Of our glorious days
The promise of Allah will always remain
That fighting for his sake
Is the ultimate gain

Now the time has come
For the battles to be won
Shahadah on our tongues
As our hearts beat as one


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