Songs of Daesh, Part I

I am going to now address the use of foreign language nasheeds (Islamic religious songs) by ISIS. This, along with their foreign language magazines Dabiq (English), Dar al-Islam (French), Konstantiniyye (Turkish), and Исток (Russian), help create a steady flow of foreign fighters to ISIS territory. Concentrating efforts on gaining recruits from the Western world has worked, and by today more than 100 Americans, 100 Australians, 750 Britons, 1,600 French, 1,000 Turks, and 2,700 Russians have joined ISIS[1], comprising of about 6,300 out of around 27,000 (about 23.33%) total foreign fighters fighting for ISIS.[2]

The use of these nasheeds, released by ISIS’s foreign language media outlet, Al-Hayat Media Center, shows their ability to create, record, and audibly master[3] these songs for release shows their reach around the world that groups like Al-Qaeda couldn’t even accomplish. As of today [this was originally published on April 14th], ISIS has released [4] 5 nasheeds in French; 3 in German and Pashto; 2 in Bengali, Uyghur, and Turkish; and 1 in Indonesian, Russian, Sorani, Urdu, Chinese, and English.

[3]: Load one of these songs into Audacity, and you’ll find the audio waveform being uniform on the amplitude scale, nearly hitting the 1.0dB and -1.0dB limits of the scale.
[4]: Strangely, the increase in foreign language nasheeds started in December 2015 and became their focus, seeing as Ajnad Media Foundation hasn’t released anything since January 2016.


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