Hello to whoever is reading this. I am a History and Political Science student with a concentration in International Relations (in regards to Political Science) and Early Islamic History (in regards to History). Other interests of mine include, to name but a few. Economics, Constitutional Law/History, Historical Foreign Policy, Roman History, and American Revolution History.

I created this blog primarily to share my thoughts on political topics, both current, and historical, and offer up solutions, as a way to get my ideas out there into the world via category 5 cables.

This blog is titled this blog sapientia veritas nostra, wisdom is our truth, as a motto. “For I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed” (Meditations, Book VI, Section 21), said Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

My main rule for this blog is to cite everything. Political pundits often, from what I have seen, don’t cite their sources, rather they spew out rhetoric and one-liners that gets people applauding. I, on the other hand, am not that kind of person. Everything will be sourced at the bottom of each post.

One other thing, I will also take suggestions for research on issues that you, the readers of this blog, want to see. Just post something in the comment’s section on any given post and I’ll research and post it here.


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